How the sugary drinks tax was won

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With the introduction of the Government’s Soft Drinks Industry Levy – commonly known as the Sugary Drinks Tax – this report reflects on the campaign and coalition of charities and champions that made it happen. 

Whilst there’s many more than 10 lessons that you can take from this campaign, ranging from the bleeding obvious to those that ultimately may have been irrelevant in achieving this win – these are the big lessons that we hope could transfer to other campaigns in future. This report also provides a timeline of some of the big milestones between 2013 and 2018, as well as a look to the future and what might benefit from a similar approach.


Lesson 1: It pays to be bold
Lesson 2: Build a broad coalition
Lesson 3: Make it personal
Lesson 4: Get the cause known
Lesson 5: Seize the moment
Lesson 6: Stay on the front foot
Lesson 7: Work with the (right) big name
Lesson 8: Use different and new campaign tools
Lesson 9: Get the public on side
Lesson 10: Don’t celebrate too early – the fight goes on
Milestones in the campaign for a UK sugary drinks tax
Working together, what shall we win next?
Thanks and acknowledgments


How the sugary drinks tax was won
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Published 5 Apr 2018

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